Benching Dwayne Haskins sends different message than Washington's recent moves

Benching Haskins sends different message than other moves originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins went from possibly being Washington’s answer at quarterback to serving as their third-stringer in just four games.

On its own, switching to Kyle Allen isn’t totally shocking. Haskins has been, at best, fine in three of his four starts, and in the other, he was horrendous.

But when looking back on a lot of Washington’s moves, both in the offseason and even more recent than that, directing Haskins to the bench sends a very different message than the one the organization has been sending since Ron Rivera came to town.

Take the franchise’s choice not to sign Cam Newton when he was a free agent, for example. Rivera said back in July he wouldn’t do so because he didn’t want to “stunt [Haskins’] growth” and he had the desire to allow Haskins “to show us what he can or can’t do.” 

Has Haskins maybe shown more of what he can’t do versus what he can? Sure. But if the former first-round quarterback was only going to get a month’s worth of time to do so, why not just get Newton in the summer?

At that time, it seemed quite clear that the coach was comfortable bypassing Newton, who would’ve helped him win immediately, to watch Haskins grow and possibly help him win for longer.

This goes beyond how Rivera and the team have handled the quarterback position, too.

When Rivera was asked in July about signing Antonio Brown, he shot down that idea. He mentioned

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