Fantasy Football Dynasty Trade Chart: Updated top 150 shows value of Saquon Barkley, Courtland Sutton, more

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Some of the most difficult players to gauge in terms of Dynasty value are stars who have been lost for the year. The biggest determining factor for me in selling those players is whether I realistically believe I have a shot at the title this season with one more piece. If I do, I’ll deal someone like Saquon Barkley or Courtland Sutton. If anything, it’s a similar to dealing a 2021 draft pick. Or in the case of Barkley, multiple 2021 draft picks.

Barkley is easily worth a 2021 first and more, but that’s not what you’d be dealing him for if you’re trying to contend. If selling to a team rebuilding then Aaron Jones or James Conner (plus someone like James White or John Brown) would be a good combo to aim for. Jones and Conner are both a couple years older than Barkley, and have injury histories of their own, but they also have top-five upside for the rest of 2020.

Sutton isn’t worth as much, but he isn’t worth nothing either. Robby Anderson looks legit in Carolina and may completely fill the void Sutton leaves in your lineup. And by the time Sutton gets back to 100% Jeudy may be fully established as the No. 1 in Denver. Because of the difference in name and preseason value, you can probably get the rebuilding team to throw in a little something extra on that deal as well.

Wherever you’re at,

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